Shit, guys, Kumail Nanjiani is one of the funniest people in the world. I love this man. Everything he’s on, he’s hysterical in: his standup, Burning Love (WHY HAS NOBODY ELSE SEEN BURNING LOVE), Silicon Valley, Veep, Adventure Time, Nerdist podcasts, fuckin everything.
If you ever want to just hear him talk forever (and why wouldn’t you), he runs a few podcasts. The Indoor Kids, co-run with his lovely and also hilarious wife Emily V. Gordon, is about gaming and has a shitton of great guests. He just recently started another one called The X-Files Files, which I adore because it deconstructs X-Files episodes in a really thoughtful and loving way. It’s also a great viewer’s guide if you’ve never watched X-Files before. GO LISTEN GO GO GO GO 
Ethnobotanist and writer, James Wong. Host of the cheekily-titled and incredibly informative Grow Your Own Drugs. I dare you not to fall in love.
- K. L.
Lean all on the square That’s a fuckin’ rhombus
A few weeks after my sister started talking about Chance the Rapper, I searched his stuff on YouTube to find this heart-wrenchingly lovely video of him singing the Arthur theme. I went on to grab his album to see what she was hyping up and by god, she was so on point. 
Half of Acid Rap sounds like someone rapping over the Hey Arnold soundtrack which, musically, is the absolute best thing I can imagine. I’ve been listening to this song almost every day for the past two weeks, I just think it’s so beautiful. Jazz, gospel and rap make such a good combination.
Also Everything’s Good makes me tear up late at night. 

Jesse Tittsworth, DC resident Moombahlord, cleaving beats since out the womb. Here is THE classic track that I fully expect you all to know and love. Shoutout to jennyloggins who introduced me to him and pretty much knows all there is to know about the guy.
If you’re in need of a good instagram account to follow, definitely hit up Jesse’s because he does and eats some of the craziest shit and also GOD DAMN, THOSE TATTOOS. 
Lately I can’t stop listening to this song which is entirely raw, mean-sounding noise and I LOVE IT. Uhh don’t click it if you don’t like aggressive dance music I guess
Debbie Harry, lead singer-songwriter of Blondie. A pioneer, inspiration, forever and always defying conventions of femininity.
- K. L. 
Nick Cave. Singer-songwriter, band leader, composer, writer, performance artist, plus actor. He’s most famous for his extremely dark and violent work, but to me he’s a great example of someone who’s not afraid of being seen as vulnerable. 
Color scheme definitely inspired by the extraordinary This One Summer.
- K. L. 
MF Doom is the man.
This was one of the first hip hop albums I ever bought, and after I listened to it I knew who I was. 
I love this song and video.  Same here.
Michael Keaton is in Beetlejuice and Jackie Brown and this CREEPY, GROSS LOOKING KIDS MOVIE I GREW UP ON: two of my all-time favorite movies and a fucking snowman movie so it’s only natural he’d show up here.
 ~*~*~*And he voiced Porco Rosso*~*~*~ 
And I guess he’s got that almost-crazy look which I’m apparently into. (Check them eyebrows.)

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- K. L. 

Peter Gabriel. My favorite solo artist, a truly gifted artist.
- K. L.